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Saturday, 29.09.2007

picture carlWell here are some facts about me. But because some things are changing all the time this is just a basic information, and some things might not be valid any longer. See the date at the top right of this box, for the date I actualized it the last time.
Name :
Carl Steiner (till to the end of 2005 my name was Jürgen Steiner, I changed it because I thought the new one (Carl) is better for foreign people to pronounce, but in the end it wasn't (as I have seen through my journey across asia).
Birthdate :
symbol babySaturday 31.01.1981
Occupation :
symbol occupationHTL Vöcklabruck (energy planning) Well a quiet good technical scool, where I learned a lot which was quiet suitable for my planns right now.
Favourite food :
symbol foodEverything except meat. Well it was changing during my trip through asia in 2006/2007, but if I'am not invited to it I still don't buy or eat meat.
Hobbies :
symbol hobbysMy bike, free climbing, hiking, surfing in the WWW, Web design, and much more! Activity is my life!
Language :
symbol mother tongueMy mother tongue is German, better to say "Austrian", which is the same like German with a nice dialect. I also speak English and I tried to learn chinese, but it was too hard for me and I had not enought time :(. Well it could be learned but then you need to spend more time for practise, which I don't had so far.
Home country :
symbol home countryAustria (not Australia!) In quiet a lot of countries austria wasn't knwon that good, so the people always were thinking about "Australia", as I told them that I am from "Austria". For the people still don't know Austria, look it up un a map, it's in the center of europe :D !
Favourite music :
symbol favourite musicGarbage, The lord of the rings soundtrack, Korn, Kittie, Marilyn Manson, Haggard, Nightwish, Seer, Nirvana, Matalica, Vangelis, Prodigy, Descent 2 soundtrack, Schandmaul, Classical Maters like Strauss, Grieg, Sibelius, Schubert, Vivaldi, Some chinese songs, Dvorak and much more.......
My philosophy:
symbol philosophyLearning by doing. Think about what you are doing instead saying other people what they have to do!
What i love :
symbol what i loveEntertaining people, talking about high tech products, the nature itself, and much more.....
What I would like to be:
symbol fluteA professional flute player, but I still have to less time for practice. Well the reason why I would like to play the block flute like a professional is that I think this is the best instrument for travelling! I also thought about the harmonica, but I think the flute is better!
Star sign :
symbol starsignsymbol watermanAquarius (waterman), well I don't care, but in fact I am perfectionist which is exactly what my starsign says.
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