The beginning.

How it began:
The idea came from some photo lectures I visited. A brother of my schoolmate was doing something like this by hitchhiking and he presented his adventures in a show. I was so fascinated, that I was sure, I also have to do something like this one day. Well a few years later I visited some more lectures and I started to spend money for this trip. In this time the idea to make everything by bike came up. So I got money for equipment, like: the bike, bicycle bags, water filtre, photo equipment and so on. At first I was thinking I do not need sponsors for such a tour, but because I saw that there are much more spare parts needed then expected I will look for some sponsors supporting me for the next few trips. On the other hand I want to do that for the rest of my lifetime, which means that my plan depend on the support by other people or companies. And indeed there is a lot more to explore then I thought first. Within my first trip through Asia I decided not to cycle only for myself, I want to show other people what's going on in other countries. And I also wanted to do something for our environment, as I have seen so many areas on my way through Asia which were looking like a desert. This is because of our demand to get richer and richer regardless. I wonder why this is so, because in many other countries I visited the people are also not that rich like we are, but are even more happy then rich people here in europe, where we have any comfort. I dont wan't to show up this by using something I read somewhere, I just report what I have seen! Well and thats why I think its important to let the people know their culture, so some aspects of their culture may change us in Europe so we can learn to esteem the basic values of life again which are even more important then might and money.
Point it out:

1.) The environmental aspect:
I want to show the people that it is possible to go around for long distances without using a car an airplane or any other motorized vehicle. And travelling by bike is definitely the best and nonpolluting way in going around. I want to make the people thinking of their environment, I will show them that in various regions clear water is not naturally, and that the deserts on earth are getting bigger and bigger.

2.) The cultural and world peace aspect:
The other thing is that I want to show the people how the real life in other countries is looking like. And they should understand their culture, which is in my opinion one of the reason why there are so many misunderstandings which often lead to ignorance and war. One of the best examples is the following: As I travelled through Iran I met so many friendly people. You won't not believe that, if you only know all the stuff shown and said on TV. I got a lot of response as the people read my report from Iran on my homepage. They didn’t believe what I was writing about, so I was glad to show them the real Iran and not the one shown in the media, where you only hear negative messages from their government, or American politicians.

3.) The memorial aspect :
I want to hold places I visited not only on ordinary digital photos. I am using a stereoscopic system, which means that the photos have a third dimension and appear to be 3D. So if a place is changing, a picture like this is much more interesting for comparison then a normal 2D photo. On the other hand this is an more exiting way showing the people our world.

4.) The entertaining aspect :
I like to entertain people with my shows. Because I use a stereoscopic system, these shows are something very special. But I just want to make a show like this if I can present something not ordinary, which my journey by bike definitely is. But notice! You won’t not see me taking pictures from people without their agreement, so this is why I do not have that many portrait photos, even if these photos would be more interesting for you. It is simply frightening if I see other travelers taking photos from people without permission, as they see that they won't to be pictured. That is simply a misbehave. Last but not least: "I love to entertain you!"

5.) The personal aspect:
Well as mentioned above the idea came from a photo lecture. But as I was a child I wanted to explore and travel around, so it is also a childhood wish I let come true.

6.) The adventure aspect:
I like to go to the end of everything, even to the end of my own manpower. Till to the end and above is one of my slogans! I like the risk to travel through jungles where everywhere could wait a death bringing animal, or cycling through deserts at 50 degrees in the shadow just to show myself if I am able to do that or not. I like to sleep in areas where you got -30 degrees at night not knowing if you can go ahead the next day, because there is a snowstorm outside. This gives me adrenalin which I need to perform a masterstroke.
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