I wish a happy successful new 2008 [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Monday, 31.12.2007
It's incredible, but again a year is gone away! For me 2007 was a year of learning, a year in which I improved my skills in graphics and web design. And it was the year where I had to work

out all the stuff around my big bike tour I made in 2006. Well I am looking forward to 2008 where the world will change again. I wish you, your friends and also your family all the best for 2008 and hope that health will be with you as well as success in whatever you are doing!

Special greeting to all people I met on the road, if these are cyclists or people invited me to their homes!


Carl Steiner
The decision! END OF THE TOUR [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Monday, 17.12.2007
What should I say! It's over! Well because I wasn't successful in finding some sponsors for my big project and because I found myself loving Web designing I decided to stop my big Project “around the world by bike”

finding a new job and spending my spare time in programming PhP and MySQL to learn more about it. I also want to get to know something about CMS (Content Management Systems) Nevertheless I will update the rest of this page as soon as possible, so everything is completed. In the next five years I do not believe to proceed this tour. Thanks to all people were supporting me!

I also will write something about mountain tours I made here in Austria so maybe this is something interesting for you too.

All the best and keep on cycling to all people out there!

Little design update [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Friday, 14.12.2007
I had a few ideas which I wanted to realize. Well it wasn't that difficult, but the page design looks much more interesting and comfortable from now on. For all of you who didn't notice that little change, don't worry you can see the difference on the screenshot besides. Well I didn’t updated it because your voting’s had not been that good, I updated it because I also was not satisfied, but now I am!

All the best!

Yours Carl
Brandnew homepage online! [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Sunday, 26.11.2007
Well it is really time form e to write something new! But what is more important for me is, to bring the homepage online with full functionality, which wasn’t the case in the past 2 month . The reason was that I had to test the different Browsers available to figure out their problems. In fact I was astonished, that the page was looking different on every second browser. But well, everybody who was working on a site, and tried to make a page looking the same on every browser knows the problems, and could sing a song about it.

Finally the design stands, also if there are a few pages left, which needs a redesign. I will solve these problems during the time I make some slide shows, which should start in two weeks (If I can finish my preparation for that in two weeks). Well the most things I changed cannot be viewed, because it runs in the back. Before I had hardly any CSS styles , and my design was made with tables, which is a technique used 10 years ago. So now the page is prepared for the future. However, there were still some design problems I was not able to solve, because there are so many out timed Browsers around, which makes that impossible. For example, if you look on the Clock on the top right corner of the page (which appears if you have a flash player installed) the green area should be transparent, and in the Back you should see the desert surface. Congratulations, if it appears transparent on your Browser, because this means, that you have a new browser and not an out of the date browser like Internet Explorer 6.0 .

Well becasue the redesign is finished I resetted the poll to the bottom right, where you can vote how you like /dislike this page. If you have some good ideas concerning the page, you are welcome to contact me! Simply write a mail to me!

Well it’s enough moaning around! Now the facts:

- 125 new pictures in the album China online! (from 203-333) new slideshow function installed Some new maps in the logbook.
- In the future, there will be a map where you can follow my track on a zoom able satellite map, check out the Position box on the right side!
- My first manmade video is online at YouTube, check out the new Video section on my page.

What I still have to do or what still does not work:

- Redesign from roadbook, breakdowns, and equipment (primary/secondary) needed Complete redesign from the mountains section. - I also have to add the point financial, visa info and product testing, especially the last one mentioned is very important for me, not only because it’s possible to find some new sponsors, also because I want to help these people searching good equipment, and won’t spend a lot of money until they found the right product for their needs.
- Report from the following countries should be finished and translated (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Germany)
- Pictures from the following countries have to be uploaded (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Germany)
As you can see there is more than enough work left.

Well that’s it, if you find a problem on the site, please inform me, so I could repair it. Simply write a Mail or use the instant Messenger on the contract site.

I am very sorry, that the page was offline for such a long time without a message if there is happening something or not!

Now have fun on this page and enjoy!

See You


Carl Steiner
A ingeniouse race is over [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Tuesday, 03.07.2007
Well the race is over, and it was, what I should say perfect! It was perfectly organized. The winner in the 24 h solo male race was Venier Franz from Tirol who was riding 795 km in 24,5166 h. Thats an incredible value! In the female section Amtmann Rosemarie won the race with 3,9458 h and a distance of 623 km. But everybody who was taking part in this race can be proud of his effort, also all the teams were taking part in the race. Well I was riding with my Trekking bike which was indeed too heavy, but it was funny to surprise the people on that way. At least I was riding 24,5833 h and 451 km. Well that's ok. As I started I was calculating with 400 km, so I reached my personal goal. I was thinking I will get the last place but I got place 45 from 66 starters in the 24 h solo. Thanks to the "Rundschau" Team for organizing such a nice event. For further details from the race click here: 24 h race Grieskirche results By the way tehre was also set a new Wold Record by Hel Harald, who was riding with his scooter 365 km in 23,619269 h ! He's a friend of mine and a really great guy! More info about him at:
24 h race in Grieskirchen [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Friday, 29.06.2007
Well this weekend starts the very famous 24 h bicycle marathon in Grieskirchen. I aslo will ride this race, but just 4 fun.Well there are 700 notifications and also for the 24 h solo to urney are 80 people listed. There is also a 6 h compedition this year, but thats nothing for me , so I gonna take part in the 24 h competition. Furthermore today my new homepage comes online, I hope you like the new design. See you later aligator. Yours Carl.
Ordered a new screen ! [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Wednesday, 27.06.2007
Today I finally ordered a special screen, which is needed for my 3D picture show. The size is 4,47 m wide and 2,6 m high, so it's a nice wide screen . Nevertheless I won't be finished with my show till the screen is in the house because the homepage is still in progress and I got a lot to do because I changed the style. Also polarization glasses are at home, so the only thing which is missing is a second projector.
First picture Show [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Thirsday, 03.05.2007
This was my first picture show (at least not the last) in Prambachkirchen and it was quit successful with around 140 people. (The exact date of the show was: 03.05.2007 20:00-23:00 Culture hall.) Well after this Show I started working on my new homepage design again.
Back Home! [Prambachkirchen (Austria)]
Sunday, 25.02.2007
Updated the roadmap, because the roadmap was getting too big and cant be loaded proper I decided to split them related to countries. Nevertheless you will see the total driven km etc. in the overview, where I added also some further interesting statistics. Then the Report 008 also gets on-line, from now on I will use more smilies to make it a little more interesting then before.
Planns chage all the time [Bangkok (Thailand)]
Monday, 12.02.2007
Well because I felt to need some more mountains I decided to go back home to Austria to find some sponsors. I am looking forward to Tibet or maybe the Andeans in south America.
New report No. 8 [Kunming City (China)]
Tuesday, 26.12.2006
I did an update on the roadmap because it was getting too huge I decided to split it to the different countries. Well in the overview you will see the sum up and a few statistics. Finally I also wrote Logbook entry 008. I also use some smiley’s from now on which should bring more life on this page, enjoy.
And it was getting cold! [Kunming City (China)]
Sunday, 24.12.2006
Because I was not able to get a Visa for 2 month and becasue it was getting very cold I decided to go down to Kunming. Before I was already riding to Leshan, where the giant budda is situated. After a horrible ride through the mountains with snow, dusty roads and hardly any sun I arrived in Kunming city in the Yunnan province where I started to organize the visas for the next 3 countries (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand)

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