Alois Steiner [Prambachkirchen (upper Austria)]
Fa. Alois Steiner, a company offering complete systems for heating and cooling, but also working in the sanitary branch. This company is very good becasue of its motivated and dynamic team. Well the company is only active in upper Austria.

How they support me:

Well this is my fathers company. Because I was able to live at home for free this was one of the most important support I got so far.

Companies were supporting me in the past:

Well because I never will forget companies were supporting me, I list them here, also if they are not sopporting me right now.

B7 Bike and Work [Linz (upper Austria)]
They are also active in upper Austria, and are selling bike parts etc. for any use. They are also offering biking holidays in Austria. Check out their site, it is worth! (only in german but with english speaking empoyees.

How they were supporting me:

These people were sending me some oil for my special gearshift hub. Thanks a lot to them.
Angleitner [Wels (upper Austria)]
They are producing special machines for nonwoven manufacturing and are delivering worldwide. Thats why their homepage is in german as well as in english.

How they were supporting me:

These people made my stainless chain rings, with the help of my uncle Gottfried F├╝reder.

Special thanks:

There have been so many people were/are supporting me. I would like to mention them here.

Special thanks goes to:
My parents and my brother for supporting me from home as good as possible. Without them this tour wouldn't be possible. They were sending me spare parts as I needed them.
Thanks a lot!

Thanks to an Iranian guy, who gave me around 10 $ support for the tour whithout knowing me and just because I was not able to take his invite to lunch.

To tibetan people in an Jeep, were giving me water as I was colse to be parched.

And thanks to all people were giving me a night to stay in their homes, giving me food or anything else. And to all people helping me in any other way during the trip, without you it won't be possible and won't be that interesting!

How to support me (The deal):

The Deal:

First of all you may want to know why I do this, so if you haven't seen the world tour section where everything is explained in detail here is a short sum up:

I want to show the people that it is possible to go around for long distances without using a car an airplane or any other motorized vehicle. And travelling by bike is definitely the best and nonpolluting way in going around. I want to make the people thinking of their environment, I will show them that in various regions clear water is not naturally, and that the deserts on earth are getting bigger and bigger.
The other thing is that I want to show the people how the real life in other countries is looking like. And they should understand their culture, which is in my oppinion one of the reason why there are so many misunderstandings which often leads to ignorance and war.
To show the world in 3D. I take stereoscopic images on my tours so every photo is in 3D, which I show in my picture shows.
Because I want to add a part to the world peace, travelling around like this and making friends all over the world is definitely a way.
I like to go to the end of everything, even to the end of my own manpower. Till to the end and above is one of my slogans! I like the risk to travel through jungles where everywhere could wait a death bringing animal, or cycling through deserts at 50 degrees in the shadow just to show myself if I am able to do that or not. I like to sleep in areas where you got -30 degrees at night not knowing if you can go ahead the next day, because there is a snowstorm outside. This gives me adrenalin which I need to perform a masterstroke.

If you are interested in supporting me on my plan please contact me @ CarlSteiner@gmx.at or wrtie an instant message on the contact site here.

Here are a few reasons why this is a good deal for you.

I produce everything on my own (for example, calendars, movies, picture shows, homepage) where I can show your advertisement. No extra money for editing etc. needed your add will be just in my manmade products.
There will be information about your company on my homepage, which will get more and more known in time, so the people visiting my site can see a link to your homepage (if available). Also check out my advertisement on my homepage, so there is still a place for your advertisement or for your company logo.
There are picture shows in 3D, which are really spectacular, and not often seen before. On this show I will present your logo or product if wanted. Well the shows are in Austria around 15-20 a year if I am not on tour right in this time.
I am also interested in bringing some articles about my adventures in newspapers and magazines, so there I can try to bring in your advertise for free.
I will put your logo on my cycling dress, so everybody on the road can see it and if I take a picture of myself your logo can be seen on it in a newspaper as I am reporting for a newspaper.
You have some ideas? Just contact me.

What I am looking for:

A partner who is reliable and supporting me with equipment or money to hold my projects alive.

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